Indica Dominant
Ice Cream Cake (Gelato x Wedding Cake)
Garlic Breath (GMO x Mendo Breath)
Pure Kush Cookies (GSC x Pure Kush)
The Sweeties (White Tahoe Cookies x Face Off OG)
Tidal Wave (Pure Kush x Dosidos)
P-91 (s1 Legendary San Diego strain)
Goji OG (Pinesol cut)
White Hoe (Tahoe Og x White)
Whoa si Whoa (Dosidos x White)
Cherry Pie Breath (Cherry Pie x Mendo Breath)
*Purple Eggplant (Cookies n Cream x Purple Paki)
*Trife (Cookies n Cream x Paki Gorilla Princess)
*Hallelujah (Cookies n Cream x Diesel Paki)
Mandarin Cookies (Forum Cookies x Mandarin Sunset)
Crescendo (Chem D x Mandarin Cookies)
Orange Cookies (Caps Cut/Jungle Boys)
*El Do Breath (Peanut Butter Breath x Unknown)
*Lemon Ginger Cookies (Fire OG x GSC x 4Kings)
Extreme Cream OG (Extreme OG x CnC)
Girl Scout Cookies
Rudeboi OG (Irene OG x Face Off OG)
Superglue (Gelato x GG4)
Gorilla Piss (Gorilla Glue x Catpiss)
Phone Home (Triangle Kush x Wookie)
*Greasel (3 Kings x Skywalker)
*Sherbastard (Sherbert x Unknown)
*Slo Flo Lovechild (Slo Flo x Unknown)
Pakistani Gorilla Princess
Falcon (FPOG x Solos Stash)
*Platinum OG (Platinum x Skywalker)
*Eureka OG (707 OG x 4 Kings)
Lemon Lotus
Purple Pakistani Hash Plant
Zions OG (Hellsfire OG x Unknown)
Cluster Bomb
*Bred by Most High Farms
Sativa Dominant
Garlic Cookies (Chem D x GSC)
Jamaican Hash Plant x 88G13HP
Swamp Yeti (Triangle Kush x Yeti OG)
Headband Durban
Pineapple Jah Goo
Lemon Jah Goo
Space Monkey (GG4 x Wookie)
Citrus Sap (GG4 x Tangie)
Canna Dog (CBD) (Cannatonic x Black Dog)
Kudra Snow Lotus
Chem Pakistani
*Bred exclusively by Most High Farms


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